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26-Oct-2017 13:15

He loved spending time with his family and friends.

He never failed to share his love for the Lord and faith in Jesus. Smith and wife Susan, Nashville, Tennessee; three grandchildren, Justin Swan and wife Jill, Clint Swan and wife Meghan, Stefanie Parton and husband Troy; eight great-grandchildren, Lukas, Mylan, and Nolan Swan, Liam, Abigail, and Norah Swan, Lucy and Annabelle Parton.

At least the post-Clemson loss ride home was shorter for South Carolina this time.

The Gamecocks’ 34-10 loss to Clemson Saturday night at Williams-Brice Stadium was slight improvement over the 56-7 embarrassment that was South Carolina’s trip to Death Valley last November.

You are perfectly within your rights to tell him that attempting to be his friend would be too painful while you still have unresolved romantic feelings for him. I don't give a damn what Betty Wright says, half a man is not better than no man at all!

You deserve better, you can demand better and you can, and should, walk away if you aren't offered better. You'll never find your king if you're wasting time fucking around with the court jester! I promise if you do the quality of the man you attract will improve.

Not much, it turned out.“I’m sure he’d like to have some throws back,” Muschamp said Saturday night. It will be harder to close the Clemson gap next year because the game is at Death Valley and the Tigers will still have a lot of good players.

Every day you're putting on your sun hat and gardening gloves then heading outside to till and fertilize the soil where you sow the seeds of fuckery.

By now you all know me and you know that I'm going to give it to you straight, no chaser. It's about to get very uncomfortable as we unpack the reasons why we're settling for less than we're worth.You've been single for so long you're afraid you may never find anyone. If you tell him no and he continues to make inappropriate comments and advances you need to cut all ties.When that married/attached man comes along telling you how beautiful you are, how much they want you - you entertain the conversation. As long as you're willing to converse with him he has hope that he can change your mind.That man who you are head over heels for who friend zoned you - let him go.

You don't have to be his friend if you want more, just as he doesn't have to be your man if he only wants to be your friend.

He is demonstrating that he has no respect for you or his wife/girlfriend.