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” For now, the daunting nature of American Horror Story is keeping her occupied.

The show’s theater-troupe template — each season, the main actors take on new roles in a self-contained story — has made it Paulson’s “dream job.” She was midway through playing the supreme witch Cordelia Foxx in last season’s American Horror Story: Coven when Murphy pulled her aside and informed her that he had figured out her character for the next season.

Every day before shooting, Paulson views a few minutes of the film to be reminded of details like the slight, asymmetric tilt of the Hensels’ heads, which Paulson incorporates into her rendering of the sisters.

“I thought it would make it look less like a special effect,” she says, “but it’s wreaking havoc on my neck.” A few months into filming the season, Paulson is no longer worried about breaking down on set, but she isn’t the only cast member who struggles with the technical requirements of her role.

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She’s frank when discussing her life outside acting, whether it be her bouts of insomnia or the mild debauchery of the previous evening, which was spent in the French Quarter and ended with her dancing at one of the city’s most notorious dive bars.

Menzel's version is now being promoted to adult contemporary, however, so it still could.

Arriving with built-in familiarity to families who've seen the movie, the melodic ballad could make for a savvy add on family-friendly AC stations.

“The moment I saw the set,” Paulson says, “these huge striped tents and a broken-down Ferris wheel on the water—I knew that from a visual standpoint this season would be unmatched.” The freak-show setting, Paulson adds, is also “more in line with my personal tastes.” Which means it’s more enjoyable.

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“My character in Coven wasn’t as much fun as playing Lana,” she continues, referring to Lana Winters, the gay journalist in American Horror Story: Asylum, a role that earned Paulson her first Emmy nomination for the show. I’ve never been one of those people who has a very healthy sense of themselves.

“Which was nice, but I was just so scared.” She pauses, then adds, “I am so scared.” A little fear is a good thing.

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