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16-Sep-2017 12:26


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If another guy starts to give you a little more attention, just walk away.Tell your coworker that you‘re uncomfortable with all the emails.If its Gchat style instant messaging (based on Jabber/XMPP protocol), when you send an instant message to someone the message first gets sent to one of google's servers, and then that server sends the message to the other computer [2] [3].Their IP address does not seem to be recorded in any way in the logs google provides to the user.

On one particular day, I received a Twitter post that said, “Let’s chat sometime.” It was a prominent industry person. He emailed me immediately afterward and said he wanted to stay in touch every so often. However, I soon found out his interest went far beyond professional. Harmless joking via emails with a male coworker turns into flirting. Someone you met on a business trip always views your profile and comments on your social media posts. It’s a long, emotional road to soul search and rebuild a relationship. Perhaps you find yourself in a similar situation or about to cross the line.Thus, unless you work at google and have access to their internal logs you can't observe their IP address from chatting with them.