Dating a 34 year old virgin

19-Oct-2017 17:53

Putting up a pic on this site and messaging people is a good start. I'm of the same mindset, and as far as other people goes:1) If you WANT to lose your virginity and you can't, that's kinda bad.2) If you're holding onto it for religious or idealistic reasons then there's nothing to be ashamed of.3) If you simply lack the interest in sex (see asexual) then there's no point even considering what other people think.

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It's a personal choice and I feel I haven't found the right girl. take care of the situation so you dont end up a 40 year old virgin is my advice. The only one cares about your virginity is you.jvit79, it is very simple. You find a good woman, probably a religious woman, who can respect that and loves you and you tell her that you are a Catholic and are waiting till marriage. I think it is admirable that you are waiting for the woman you want to be with for more than just sex. When the time comes that you are beginning to get hot and heavy with kissing pull back and tell her that you are wanting to be committed before sex..that is your purpose. I am 26 years old and i am a virgin, for many reasons.You need to learn to not give a f what others think, if you happen to finish quick the first few times just have her sit on your face.