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Machinist becomes their strongest when synergized with any other job that rotates raid buffs on a 1-minute rotation due to Wildfire going off every 60 seconds so optimization of Machinist is a very tight process that gives virtually no room for error in order to see the best damage possible. The autoturret is removed from the battlefield after execution for repairs and cannot be deployed for 30s. We will use a star system similar to that of the Dragoon guide by Momo to designate the necessity of each ability as well as discuss which abilities are best in specific scenarios. Recast: 5s.** Invigorate – Instantly restores 400 TP.

This being said, Machinist is not for the faint of heart due to its very fast paced rotation during Wildfire windows and learning to properly use cooldowns so that everything continues to align correctly with other raid buffs and every Wildfire. The role actions a MCH chooses are very static in a raiding scenario and do not change with 1 exception being O3S and that is only if you have a kill time where you see Iron Giant, but we will discuss this x Peloton – Increases movement speed of self and party nearby party members as long as they remain within distance. This isn’t necessary due to having Tactician and using it on cooldown already for enmity purposes but it is nice to have for those inevitable progression deaths and not really anything better to take in most cases. This one is obvious for the fact that being a Machinist means you are a support role DPS. This is necessary for fights like O3S if you have a kill time where you see Iron Giant in which you need to silence his cast called Overheat otherwise there is much unneeded stress put on the tanks and healers.

Equips your current firearm with a gauss barrel, increasing damage by 5%.

However, to some this is also simply most comfortable.

No more than three rounds can be loaded at one time. I will discuss some pros and cons to each and what This opener is great for something like O4 Savage Exdeath because you have a lot of forced downtime within the first couple minutes allowing you to reset all cooldowns and align them correctly.

While barrel is equipped, your weapon’s Heat Gauge will increase each time a weaponskill is executed.

When played correctly, Machinist can bring a very competitive amount of DPS due to their instant cast attacks from afar allowing for little to no downtime and their extremely high burst damage. Deals damage to all nearby enemies with a potency of 300 for the first enemy, 10% less for the second, 20% less for the third, 30% less for the fourth, 40% less for the fifth, and 50% less for all remaining enemies. Sends deployed Rook/Bishop Autoturret into overdrive. While in overdrive, the autoturret will launch a powerful attack, damaging the unit. This is nice when running about town or in a dungeon but cannot be used in combat so there are far better choices.Flamethrower pro tip: Running does not cancel the first tick of Flamethrower meaning you do not have to stand still in order to use Flamethrower, so long as you don’t need more than 1 tick.So, if you’re having trouble deciding between the two or afraid you won’t pick the one that will contribute the most DPS, fear not!So far in Stormblood, Machinist has received MANY changes to date. Additional Effect: 50% chance of increasing next Clean Shot potency by 140 or Heated Clean Shot by 170. Ammunition Effect: Increases current Heated Slug Shot potency by 25. Deploys a single-target battle turret which will deliver auto-attacks with a potency of 80 to its master’s target. Recast: 120s.*** Refresh – Gradually restores own MP and the MP of all nearby party members. Giving MP is what you were technically recruited to do so bring this puppy. Recast: 30s.*** Palisade – Reduces physical damage taken by a party member by 20%. This is absolutely required and you should discuss with your tanks and healers when they feel would be the best benefit to use this in each fight to help alleviate a lot of pressure. So are you ready to go and grab a drink and maybe run some errands in your opener?!

This needs to be kept in mind because we are constantly revamping openers and having to optimize new rotations depending on what core mechanics are changed. Additional Effect: 50% chance of increasing next Clean Shot potency by 140 or Heated Clean Shot by 170. Ammunition Effect: Increases current Slug Shot potency by 25. Additional Effect: 50% chance of increasing next Slug Shot potency by 100 or Heated Slug Shot by 130. Ammunition Effect: Increases current Heated Split Shot potency by 25. Ammunition Effect: 100% chance of increasing next Clean Shot or Heated Clean Shot potency. Loads firearm with three rounds of special ammunition. Using a weaponskill will cause turret to change targets. Hypercharge Effect: Increases target’s damage taken by 6%. Because it will feel like you have that kind of time regardless of the opener you use due to wanting to Overheat your opening Wildfire.Back to o GCD usage, the most important thing to note is that you must use your o GCDs as soon as they come off cooldown.