Dating younger guys 2 years

30-Nov-2017 12:29

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They don't want to date guys their own age because, in the words of a friend of mine, they don't want to just "sit home every night, watch tv and fuck". If you're smart you'll get over your crisis and look for guys your own age. I'm 35, when I was in my 20s I couldn't get a date at all.Not even so much as a glance from a 1000 people in a room. It's so boring when people generalise about everyone else.We worked together so I certainly wasn't giving him money--we made about the same.

I'm 30 years old and have been seeing a 44 year old guy for about 10 months. I know there are guys my age who prefer older men, and not necessarily just for money.

It sucks for me, at 41, because most guys my own age whom I try to date are hung up on much younger or older..don't stay in their age range. Straight men and gay men want younger partners, obsess about younger partners, and pay through the sphincter for younger partners. Gay women can try to date at all ages without being jeered at. I’m now in my mid-50s, and I had a partner for almost 20 years until he died a few years ago.

I've always been one to seek out men for relationships who have been on earth about as long as I have, because that's where the most comfort and commonality can occur with a stranger. I don't know if it's because I didn't have a relationship in my 20s or because the younger guys have the look that attracts me -- not many guys in their 40s can pull off the hipster look and not appear ridiculous. I then realized that dating as a 50-year-old was going to be a lot more difficult than when I was 30 for a variety of reasons, including (a) there just aren’t as many guys in my age group; and (b) a lot of them are already partnered. OP, I'm 49, I have no particular interest in guys in their 20s or even their 30s for the most part, but I'm on Scruff and I'm constantly getting messages, woofs, etc., from guys in their 20s - much more than any other age bracket. If you plan to visit the daddy sites that are recommended here, you'd better beef up your bank account.

Age has never been that big of a deal to me (I have a lot of close friends who are a few years younger than me as well), but apparently it’s a really big deal to everyone else. There will be a moment where you realize something like he was in middle school when you were in high school. You find out just how many people think that making fun of your age difference is hilarious.

Dating a younger guy isn’t weird because he’s younger – it’s weird because of the way society makes you feel about it. There’s nothing you can do but just look at them and wonder how their thought process works. The 10 worst moments in any relationship Follow Gurl, pretty please!

Maybe because he was sort of immature which made me feel even older.

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