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22-Sep-2017 17:42

(See Transfer)Video: How to meditate your way out of debt -- Contemplation can ease anxiety so you can deal with debt ...(See Video)Video: How your credit mix and new credit affect your score -- Your FICO score is determined by five main factors, including your new credit and your credit mix.(See Credit)Video: 4 ways to finance an engagement ring -- Before spending a huge amount of money on a ring, be sure you are making the best financial choice ...(See Finance a ring)Video: How a side hustle can help you pay down debt -- Side hustles can help you pay down debt quickly, but you should know what to avoid when taking on certain jobs ...(See Payments)Video: Master your bucket list with points -- If your bucket list has items like travel and getting in shape, you may be able to use your credit card rewards points to do it on the cheap ... -- saves you the hassle of applying for cards that end up not being right for you.Learn how to use our card comparison tool to make the right decisions ...

(See Holiday shopping)Video: 3 ways to help your kids build credit -- Add a child as an authorized user, establish a checking account, and help them learn about money ...

(See Disney )Video: Unreadable card agreements -- Credit card agreements are said to be written on an 11th grade reading level.

We came to a university campus with an excerpt from a credit card agreement to see if college students can make sense of what they are reading ...

Find out what these terms mean and how you can take control of your credit score ...

(See Credit score)Video: 4 creative ways to wrap a gift card -- Step by step, we'll show you how to make your gift card beautiful ...

(See Debt)EMV chip card torture test -- We put EMV chip credit cards through a series of tests to see how they stand up to common threats such as extreme temperatures, water and corrosive liquids. (See Test)Video: Brews and banking with Capital One -- Banks like Capital One are reaching out to customers in a new way, by giving a Starbucks experience to visitors and giving them a chance to get their banking questions answered along the way ...

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With a population of nearly 365,000, it is the 16th most populous city in Germany.… continue reading »

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