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Hikikomori are also critically viewed as lazy and outright creepy, which doesn't help the perception of otaku much - especially after 1989, when serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki was shown to be both an otaku and hikikomori, leading to a moral panic.Otakuism is associated with men, with the notable exceptions of the Fangirls, Wrench Wench, the Cosplay Otaku Girl, and creators of a certain kind of comic.Although his sister thinks of him as unreliable and slightly perverted, in the various character arcs he shows that he is quite responsible when he puts his mind to it.He is a better than average student (particularly in math) but has a tendency to oversleep in the mornings and has to be woken up by his sister Miya.come in many flavors, but one thing can be said for each and every one of them.They've each staked out their own favorite thing, and they obsess over it relentlessly.

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Fans picked it up and used it in conversation between each other even well past the point when they would use other forms of "you", such as "kimi" or "Anata" or "omae".

An anime adaptation titled Amagami SS aired in Japan from July 1, 2010 to December 23, 2010.

An anime sequel titled Amagami SS plus, pronounced as "Amagami SS Plus", aired in Japan from January 6, 2012 to March 29, 2012.

Her best friend is Hibiki Tsukahara and she has a younger brother named Satoshi.

She is a quarter British from her mother, whose family's surname is Lovely (thus Haruka's middle name).Possibly as a nod to her heritage, she frequently mixes English phrases into her speech.

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