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VH1 follows Scott for eight weeks when he embarks on a soul-searching mission to try and ditch the bad boy ways in favor of a more meaningful future.

Taking the advice of a famed life coach, Scott will revisit old flames from his past and practice abstinence all in the hopes of curing his lifelong loneliness.

Howard proposed an f-marry-kill scenario, and Scott chose to kill Erika Eleniak, marry Nicole Eggert, and f’ Pam Anderson. Scott claimed he slept with Liza Minnelli when she was 49, and her body was “insane.” Howard asked Scott how he broke it off with Liza, so Scott admitted that he just told her he didn't want “a long term thing.” Scott also gave Melissa Gilbert from “Little House on the Prairie” a “10” in the sack.

Scott Baio gave Beverly D'Angelo a “10” in the sack, and told a story how he once told Beverly that she had a very sexy overbite. Howard asked Scott why he turned down Top Gun, so Scott explained that he was never offered the part and was just joking when he made that comment in an interview.

Scott Baio stopped by to promote his new reality show, “45 and Single.” Howard applauded Scott for banging Pamela Anderson “in her prime,” so Scott told a story about meeting her at the Playboy Mansion when she was “just off the boat.” Howard asked Scott if he'd slept with over a thousand women, and Scott said maybe.

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Scott's manager, Jason Hervey, came in to confirm Scott's story, and Howard reported that Jason was also a child star, having played Wayne on “The Wonder Years.” Gary told the crew that Jason was married to a porn star named Angel Hart.

Jason complained that despite being a porn star, his wife didn't bring home other girls or engage in “funky stuff.” Joey Boots then called up to say he used to masturbate to Scott and offered to “toss his salad.” Scott declined the offer.