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The complete set of code list entries is also available in comma-separated, tab-separated and XML formats, as well as in multiple HTML files, and as XSD, RNG or DTD files integrated into the relevant schemas.These are laid out with three columns: Use for a complete record issued to confirm advance information approximately six months before publication; or for a complete record issued after that date and before information has been confirmed from the book-in-hand.This document contains ONIX for Books codelists Issue 27, for ONIX 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0, arranged in a single table for reference and printing. This document does not differentiate between codelists for ONIX 3.0 and those for earlier releases.For details of which code list to use with which data element in each version of ONIX, please consult the main for the appropriate release.At sunset, documentation and various XML tools for version 2.1 will be withdrawn.However, certain codelists that are unique to 2.1 (for example codelists 7 and 78) will continue to be included in the downloadable codelist files, and will be updated as normal until the end of 2015.A book whose novelty consists wholly or partly in a format which cannot be described by any other available code – a ‘conventional’ format code is always to be preferred; one or more Product Form Detail codes, eg from the B2nn group, should be used whenever possible to provide additional description.Digital product license delivered through the retail supply chain as a physical “key”, typically a card or booklet containing a code enabling the purchaser to download or activate the associated product.

A quantity pack with its own product code, for trade supply only: the retail items it contains are intended for sale individually – see also WX.

The pack may be split and retailed as separate items OR retailed as a single item.

Use instead of Multiple item trade pack (code 30) only if the data provider specifically wishes to make explicit that the pack may optionally be retailed as a whole.

Statistical Classification of Products by Activity in the European Economic Community, see An epublication delivered in an enhanced PDF format, using Adobe’s proprietary EBX DRM, capable of being read in the Adobe Ebook Reader software, on any platform which can support this software, which was formerly known as Glassbook.

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An epublication delivered in an unencrypted Microsoft .It should only be used in relation to products published before 2007 – when ISBN-13 superseded it – and should never be used as the ONLY identifier (it should always be accompanied by the correct GTIN-13 / ISBN-13).