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Browse the timeline of photographs to find an image, many of which have fascinating infographics with facts about the sports they show.The app will be updated with new photos through the Games period, so make sure you check back regularly to get up close to the action.i Phone, i Pad If you're going to watch a sport that you don't really know the rules of, grab yourself a copy of this gorgeous app.It'll have profiles of every athlete taking part, a medal table and live scores to ensure you can keep on top of what's going on wherever you are.The 'My Games' area enables you to add your favourite sports, events and athletes, making it a breeze to keep an eye on the things that interest you most.i Phone, i Pad Feast your eyes on some beautiful Olympics photography in a smartly presented app, best enjoyed on the i Pad's big screen.Not only does it explain the rules of all the Olympic sports and the competition format for each in a simple and yet witty way, but it's packed full of interesting trivia that you can drop into conversation with your friends – like the fact that writer Albert Camus nearly became a professional footballer, but his dreams were thwarted by TB.i Phone, Android, Black Berry A slick one-stop shop to catch up on all the latest Olympics sport news from the BBC.It's also got a section with Team GB-specific news, which is the easiest way to keep up to date with the fortunes of home nations athletes.But can a formula determine whether two people will have a successful long-term relationship? According to market research company IBISWorld, the online dating industry made 3 million in Canada in 2014.Services like e Harmony and promise to find you the best potential matches based on complex and tightly guarded algorithms.

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Android This app gives you a whole bundle of useful info if you're heading to the Games – even at venues outside London.

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