Visual studio help updating

28-Nov-2017 02:14

The Veracode Visual Studio Extension has been updated for compatibility with Visual Studio 2017.

This allows developers using the latest version of the Microsoft IDE to initiate static application security tests and consume results from within their IDE.

The important outcomes are that a device was found, that the device(s) match what is installed in your system, and that the test passed.

If a CUDA-capable device and the CUDA Driver are installed but The device name (second line) and the bandwidth numbers vary from system to system.

The full installation package can be extracted using a decompression tool which supports the LZMA compression method, such as 7-zip or Win Zip.

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The exact appearance and the output lines might be different on your system.You do not need previous experience with CUDA or experience with parallel computation.You can verify that you have a CUDA-capable GPU through the Display Adapters section in the Windows Device Manager.To create 32-bit CUDA applications, use the cross-development capabilities of the CUDA Toolkit on x86_64.

This document is intended for readers familiar with Microsoft Windows operating systems and the Microsoft Visual Studio environment.

Tacking additional steps onto the development process or forcing teams to interrupt their workflows to switch tools are becoming increasingly unfeasible within today’s development paradigms.